The Newtown Peace Park video is no longer available through this site. If interested in using it, you can contact Julie Lyonn Lieberman.  It’s in Mp4 format, 92 mb. Please note: the video version on this web page includes the music, Newtown Peace Anthem, to demonstrate how to sync the music you use with the video. The downloadable version will not have audio. If you would like a copy of the version with audio, please contact Julie Lyonn Lieberman for a download link and let her know how it will be used.

The downloadable video runs for 3:34 minutes and has no audio because it is meant to be used during a live performance of “Newtown Peace Anthem” for MS and HS string orchestra by Julie Lyonn Lieberman (published by Alfred Music). You are certainly free to use a piece of music suggested on the Newtown Peace Park website or one of your choice. In either case, please coordinate the performance so that the opening of the video runs in silence up to the end of the clip with the victim’s names across a fence.

Newtown Peace Park
This video is available to use at local memorial events December 2013.

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